Enter the sword-fighting arena in a 1v1 battle against a bot or a friend, but be prepared. Every round, you'll have to apply a debuff to your character. First to five wins!

Press F for fullscreen.

Design, programming, sound, music, and graphics by abho.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsLocal multiplayer, Swords, Versus


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Short, simple, and to the point. I love this game! It's so cute and engaging. The music was a great added touch!


The way you do your UI is mesmerizing. The charm in your style is immediately apparent from the splash screen and that's so rad. 

I also really like the way you designed your sword combat. Having the swing up/down be sequential like that is really creative and could be an interesting idea to expand on in the future!

i like it. maybe add a bunch more debuffs and make them stack between rounds so near the end you're both strugglin. maybe after 3 rounds you each get to pick one buff or something too idk


Awesome game! the UI animations look smooth and everthing plays well! I wish I could pause during game ,but idk maybe u have a reason why not add a pause.

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Like the clouds behind the HP bars.

Hope more stuffs appears; I want a challenge.


Fun little game, I like it. :)